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"Just over 25 years ago, Laura Bowden beautifully designed the interior of our newly built vacation home in Myrtle Beach. Two children, many friends, several dogs and four grandchildren later, the well-loved place was overdue for an extensive face lift/ renovation. My first call was to Laura Bowden Designs, and happily, she and her team were available and willing to help me 're-imagine' my home. The results are stunning and amazing to me each time I open the front door and walk into a completely update, reworked and yet quite familiar space. Laura carefully (and patiently) considered and incorporated my ideas and preference into her overall vision, resulting in a design far exceeding my expectations. She is truly a gifted designer and thoughtful friend. Looking forward to working with Laura on version three sometime down the road."

- Leslie Holmes

"I am, in part, a commercial developer; my group retained Laura Bowden Designs to create a model for prospective purchasers. Importantly, sales have increased over our previous model (done by another design firm) by exactly 700% since the model opened. Needless to say, my partners and I are thrilled with the terrific boost in sales and the model, which is complimented constantly by our purchasers and real estate agents, is a thing of beauty and exceptional design sense. We will definitely be retaining the talents of this fine office in all future developments."

- Scott Umstead

"It has been our pleasure to work with Laura Bowden and Laura Bowden Interior for almost 20 years. Laura supervised three different projects for us including a small condo renovation, a larger condo renovation and, most recently, a larger, single-family residence, which we eventually plan to retire to in Oak Island, NC.

Laura has always been very pleasant and easy to work with. She took ownership of all three projects and was devoted to seeing them all finished. She made a concerted effort to understand and incorporate our own interior design ideas into the final product. She always provided multiple options for a single family room and always had excellent samples and/or photos of different products she recommended.

On our Oak Island project, which was by far the biggest, Laura visited the site before construction even began. She worked well with out architect and our builder during the construction process and visited the job site several times. During the construction phase she personally accompanied us on visits to the cabinet builders, the granite providers, the lighting supplier and the flooring company. When a particular piece of granite we liked was not available with the finish we wanted, she shopped around several states and eventually found what we wanted in Virginia and had it shipped to North Carolina.

Her artistic vision is bold and fun and unique. She likes to experiment with different colors but understand the value of the neutral range. When the house was finally finished, she provided a professional paint schedule and made sure no mistakes were made in room colors. She personally supervised furniture and lighting installation over several long-hour days. When a few pieces of furniture did not show up on times, she owned the problem and made sure they got to the house as soon as possible. She found several slightly damaged items that we missed, and had them replaced. She is a hands-on, on-the-job designer, which is exactly what we wanted.

In sum we are delighted to recommend her to anyone, whether they might be renovating a 2-bedroom condominium or building their dream retirement home."

- Stan and Ellen Meihaus

"Laura Bowden Interiors helped me create the home that I always dreamed of. From the very beginning of the design process, Laura, and her team were instrumental in creating a home that required a special, expert touch for the busy lifestyle that I lead. Having three dogs that live with me, Laura's selections were both functional and easy to care for with the dogs.

Her excellent resources for furniture, fabrics, trims, and fixtures combined give my home a unique look. Her attention to detail in window treatments is an extreme talent. Laura's strong organizational skills started with sketches to show ideas and them moved forward with fabrics and trim for the final product.

Her knack for utilizing existing furniture in the home is remarkable. Her skilled eye always found just the right accent piece to finish off the room. Laura's ability to work effectively with my contractor was a critical success factor, keeping the project on time and on budget.

I have completed my second project with Laura and look forward to the next room, new home or office to design."

- Eileen P. Guarino

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